Equipment List

Sign Printing Equipment Gear Heads, BOOYAH!

When it comes to state of the art sign printing equipment we have it all! First, check out our new baby, the SwissQPrinter. In addition to looking super cool, it is one of the most impressive high-end large-format printers anywhere. With a printing area of 98” x 156” and visual resolution of up to 2140 dpi, you can say it more crisply and powerfully than ever. Second, for fine artwork and photographic-quality prints, we run the Canon ImagePrograf. This machine produces stunning blacks and a wide color gamut that nails even the most difficult colors and detailed gradations. Interested in more colorful details? We’re happy to take you on a shop tour


Color Management I Pre-Press Design Equipment and Software

    • Caldera Barbieri Total Color Spectrophotometer


    • Create custom profiles to ensure spot color matching across all media types


    • Complete color management of all outputs


    • Tests done on a regular basis to ensure color consistency from day to day


    • Color matching on both Transparent and Reflective media including textiles, glass, backlit film, papers, vinyl, cardboards, plastic, wood, stone and ceramic plates


    • Design Software


    • Full Adobe Creative Cloud


    • Sketch-Up 3d Rendering Software


    • FormZ


    Caldera RIP Software


Another Wonderful Piece of Sign Printing Equipment

Among other benefits, our SwissQ Impala Flatbed Printer has roll-to-roll and board features and is the backbone of our large format production. The press is the top performing and top-selling flatbed press in Europe due to its unsurpassed quality, efficiency and versatility.

Resolutions up to 2160 dpi and Speeds up to 1,938 sq/ft per hour
Ridged Substrates- Maximum Board Size- 98″ x 157.5″ x 2″ max depth
Roll Substrates- 98″ x Endless Roll to Roll Prints
Ink Configuration- C,M,Y,K, le, lm, White, Clear Varnish
Special Print Effects- 3D Print (Droptix)


Our Mimaki JV300-160

Our Mimaki eco-solvent ink roll-to-roll printer is a great companion to our SwissQ. Why? It gives us the ability to print with a wide vibrant color gamut. It also, allows us to take on the finish of the substrate. Great for both indoor and outdoor use.

Resolutions up to 1440 dpi and Speeds up to 350 sq/ft per hour
Roll Media- up to 63″ wide
Ink Configuration- Dual C, M, Y, K Color Channels-Eco-Solvent Ink
Mimaki advanced pass system 3(MAPS3) technology reduces banding and uneven color printing


Canon ImagePROgraf PRO-4000 with multi-function roll system

The Canons add the ability to reproduce beautiful images at photographic quality on oversized roll media. Flesh tones and solids are not a problem on these machines. The presses are ideal for fine art print production, oversized high-quality photographic pro­duction, and much more. The enhanced Lucia Pro Ink Color System with 11 colors produces a wider color gamut than any other inkjet outputs.

Resolution up to 2400xl200 dpi
Roll Media 8″ -44″ and thickness 2.8-3 l.4mil
New 1.28″ wide 12 channel integrated compact print head
Ink Configuration- LUCIA PRO Ink Colors – Cyan, Photo Cyan, Magenta,
Photo Magenta, Yellow, Photo Black, Matte Black, Gray, Photo Gray, Red, Blue, and Chroma Optimizer


Sign Printing Equipment and Finishing Touches

Fotoba Automatic X/Y Cutter XLD 170- allows us to efficiently cut roll media to XY coordinates extremely fast
Mimaki CG-160FXII Vinyl Plotter – up to 74″ media w/ 62.9″ cutting area; Half cut and over cut features
Colex Sharpcut 5’xl0′ CNC Router and cutting system
CWT Cut Work Table- makes production of Ready to Apply cut vinyl and masking of any material a flawless efficient production process
Miller Welder Multimatic 215
Apollo Airless Paint Sprayer- Power 5 HVLP Turbosprayer
Heatline Bender and custom Table- used to heat bend plastics to produce dimensional displays and signage
Minipack Torre RP85 Shrink-wrap Machine allows us to package in oversized shrink-wrap packs up to 31.47″x19.68″x 7.87″



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